Gas prices are soaring! Want to save money at the pump (plus help the environment)? Improve the fuel consumption of your vehicle with Fuel Tabs! Used by commercial fleets for years, now available to the public, Fuel Tabs are an amazing fuel saver and engine cleaner. It has been shown to improve fuel consumption by up to 15%.

To increase fuel savings, improve vehicle performance, and lower maintenance costs, use Fuel Tabs every time you fill up your vehicle. Simply insert one fuel tablet into your vehicle’s fuel tank prior to fueling. Each fuel tablet treats 15-20 gallons of gas or diesel fuel. It is safe to use for gasoline and diesel engines with any grade of fuel.

Fuel Tabs is a revolutionary fuel catalyst formulated to reduce the fuel consumption of your vehicle, resulting in more MPG (miles per gallon) and therefore saving you money every fill-up. It also increases power and performance, reduces harmful emissions and smoke exhaust, and cleans the internal parts of your vehicle’s engine. If used continuously, Fuel Tabs may also help reduce the maintenance cost of your vehicle.

This technology has been used for years by large trucking fleets, equipment rental companies, and other commercial and industrial consumers and is now available for you to experience the same benefits with your vehicle! Fuel Tabs is proven to work and is unlike other fuel additives on the market today. It is a highly concentrated fuel catalyst that affects the way the fuel is burned – whereas typical fuel additives only help keep the engine clean of deposits.

For more information, including list of ingredients and supplement facts, refer to the Product Details document linked to below